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EN - A Timely Curse - Complete adventure PDF

EN - A Timely Curse - Complete adventure PDF

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A timely curse is a 3 part adventure for the 5th edition, for 4 or 5 characters of level 4 or 5 maximum, including 26 pages of adventures, monsters and items.

"The characters are called to a border post to defend a wall against hordes of animals summoned by the defenders of nature. After many fights where strategy and surprises spice up the game, the characters find themselves in a difficult situation which they could, suddenly, try to turn around for a while."

This adventure offers players to become werewolves for a while and take advantage of it before understanding why the term "curse" is used. Many fights, exploration and investigation in order to stay alive and in control awaits the characters!

INCLUDES 7 new opponents, 3 new enchanted items and 6 battlemaps with their alternate versions.

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