EN - The prismatic tower PDF Package : Adventure, Wild Magic Module + bonus content

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The prismatic tower is a Kickstarter project supported by over 200 gamers in 2022.

"The characters discover an enchanted forest that no one has ever been able to explore. Upon entering it, they discover a forgotten wizard's tower, filled with puzzles, monsters, and remnants of wild magic. Why is this tower still intact? and trapped? Can the characters solve the mystery?"


The project includes : 

  • A 36-pages 5E adventure for 4 characters of 3rd, 5th or 9th level with an estimated playtime of over 16 hours. It includes 10 creatures, 2 new spells and 6 brand new magic items. 
  • A new wild magic evolutive with 400 résults spread through level and schools of magic. All of this in a simple and intuitive system.
  • 10 high resolution maps in pdf created by Map Alchemists, another Québécois!

PLUS, get all the stretch goals unlocked through the campaign :

  • A wizard subclass : the Entropist, specialized in creating and "controling" wild magic.
  • 11 new entropic spells
  • 6 new monsters with entropic variations
  • 1 new feat : "touched by wild magic"

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